In keeping with Acts 6:3-4, the deacons assist the pastor in the spiritual administration of the church. They model servanthood before as well as beyond the church. They also lead the way in supporting and helping to implement the Pastor’s vision for the church.


The Deaconess Ministry consists of the wives of deacons and of ministers of the church. This ministry performs a number of tasks, including the preparation for communion, and is responsible to the pastor.


The Trustees are entrusted by the congregation to provide direct management over the fiscal and physical affairs of the church. Additionally, they work with the pastor to ensure that our stewardship practices are biblical and are primarily used to support the vision of the church.


The Sunday School Ministry provides bible teachings for church members and non-members of all ages. The Sunday School is divided into an adult and a youth division and the ministry holds classes for different age groups. Weekly study sessions provide added study emphasis for the Sunday School lesson.


This ministry, also known as the Missionary Society, is responsible for carrying out the mission of the church by stimulating a missionary spirit in the men, women and young people of this church. Ways that are done are through prayer, study of the missionary message of the Bible, engaging in community mission activities and by contributing to foreign missions.


The Messenger’s Circle ministers to the sick, the less fortunate, to those incarcerated, to those in nursing homes, to spread the message of salvation to everyone at every opportunity.


Sisters on a Mission is open to all Christian women interested in growing our youth through mission-minded religious programming for the up building of their faith and knowledge.


The Children’s Band ministry is responsible for the spiritual growth and edification of children ages 5 to 11. This is accomplished through services and special events that showcase our children, and focuses on their needs through biblical activities, games, nourishing food and interaction with other Children’s Band ministries.


The Teenage Strivers Circle promotes spiritual growth for young women in the church ages 12 to 18 and teaches them how to conduct themselves as a Christian young woman. The Mission Circle also provides a venue for the young ladies to share the things they encounter on a daily basis in a spiritual and biblical setting.


The Youth Ministry provides a comprehensive program for the children  and youth of this church. Projects are designed to enhance spiritual, social and cultural growth.


The focus of the New Testaments is to assure the essential spiritual growth of our young men ages 12 to 18 through teaching, participating and conducting church services, and mentoring by men of the church.


St. Luke’s Thrift Store serves those in the community who are less fortunate or who are in need by providing some of life’s basic financial and physical needs, i.e. tokens, clothing, household items and furniture.


The Holistic Health Ministry seeks to improve the health of the congregation by hosting activities and providing information that uplifts the physical, emotional and mental health of members.


The Music Ministry uses songs to usher in the Holy Spirit by preparing the hearts of the congregation for the word of God. Music enhances the worship experience and helps to spread the word of God through Song. The ministry is divided into four different groups.

Senior Choir Ministry

This music ministry is for adults age 35 and older.

Male Chorus Ministry

This music ministry is for men of the church who desire to worship God in song.

Young Adult Choir Ministry

This ministry is for men and women ages 16 to 34.

Echoes of Praise

The Echoes of Praise is for our children, ages 5 to 14.


Our Mission

The Greeter’s Ministry expresses hospitality to our guests as they enter into the vestibule. It is the first point of contact. Our guests should be warmly encountered with a smile and a warm embrace, if led.The Greeter is the initial point of contact. Our main goal is to usher our guests into an environment that is conductive for worship. A gentle smile, a warm hug and an encouraging greeting will compel our guests to enter the sanctuary for a deeper worship encounter.


–Expectations:Smile….Warm Hugs….Be Encouraging 

–Greet a minimum one Sunday a month…Always Welcome to do more Sundays.

–Purchase two shirts with a purchase price to not exceed $26.00 each.

–On your Sunday, report at 10:20 am to the Nurse’s Office to retrieve mints and/or materials to be passed out. If unable to greet on your Sunday, we ask you find a replacement. 

–Outside of your scheduled Sunday, be available for special events i.e. Songfest, New Years Eve Service, Revivals.

If Interested contact Valerie Walker at (937) 279-9322 or email


The Ushers Ministry makes sure the worship place is ready for the congregation. Ushers greet guests warmly, make sure they are seated comfortably, and do whatever is needed to put guests in the right frame of mind for worship.

Junior Ushers

The junior ushers are for youth ages 10 to 18.

Young Adult Ushers

The young adult ushers are for members 19 to 35.

Senior Ushers

The senior usher board is for members 36 and older.


In addition to these mission and worship-based ministries, there are a host of other committees, which serve the church.

They Are:

Scholarship Ministry
Budget Ministry 
Kitchen Ministry
Decoration Ministry
Calendar Ministry
Media Ministry
Emergency Response Ministry 
Caring and Sharing