Loved One’s Funeral Service

Officiation of Loved One’s Funeral Service Request Form

Pastor Allen and St. Luke are here to assist during your time of bereavement. For us to be attentive to your needs, St. Luke members and non-members are requested to complete and submit the form. We will do our best to be attentive and supportive to you and your family during this difficult time. We will do our best to respond within 24 – 48 hours of your request. Please note that the church does not host Saturday funeral services. However, Pastor Allen is available to officiate Saturday services not held on campus.
If your loved one was not a member, we will share more information about expectations for receiving St. Luke and Pastor Allen’s services.

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    Name of the deceased?

    Date of birth and date of death?

    Were they a member of St. Luke at the time of death?

    Would you like the celebration of life service to be held at St. Luke?

    What day would you like the service to be held?

    What time would you like the actual service to begin?

    Will there be an interment? If so, where?

    Are you available to meet with Pastor Allen via Zoom, Google Meet 0r phone call to discuss arrangement?