Where We Stand

Where We Stand

St. Luke’s status as a Baptist congregation speaks both to our doctrine and primary associations. Our core doctrine – which Pastor Allen defines as a set of beliefs we consider essential for the most proper practice of our faith – is most adequately expressed in The Articles of Faith. These can be found along with a Statement of Religious Freedom with which St. Luke also agrees on a What We Believe – National Baptist Convention, USA Inc.

As a Baptist congregation, we are autonomous (self-governing). However, we do embrace and are members of associational bodies through which we are more ably equipped to fulfill the Mission of the Church Universal. Such affiliations expose us to broader training, worship, fellowshipping, and evangelistic opportunities on a national/international scale. To this end, St. Luke is a member of: The Northwestern Ohio Missionary Baptist Association (NOMBA), The General Missionary Baptist Convention of Ohio, and the National Baptist Convention of U.S.A., Incorporated.

Our current pastor is affiliated with American Baptist Convention and has led us to be affiliated an ever-growing array of other distinctly Christian denominational bodies on matters pertaining to the edifying of the body of Christ and Kingdom building. Pastor Allen has also led St. Luke to be ecumenical – work alongside non-Christian based faith institutions and organizations in promoting the general welfare society primarily through seeking racial equality and reconciliation and affirming and holding the government accountable for protecting the sanctity of all human life. Our ecumenical commitment is established only to the end that we do not have to compromise our doctrine and values.

Given the current social trends in the civic redefining of marriage, the growing presence of women in ministry, and the current racial climate, here is where St. Luke stands:


Marriage is a sacred institution. The very concept itself originates from Scripture. Therefore, we believe that Scripture must be the basis for the defining and practice of this most holy union. As such, in both the Old and New Testament marriage is exclusively defined as the union of man and woman. While the Bible acknowledges the practice of same-sex relationships among humankind, such behavior is categorized as unnatural and sinful. (See Genesis 2:22-24; Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:26-27; Ephesians 5:21-23).

Therefore, St. Luke:

ACKNOWLEDGES only marriages/unions between men and women, while also teaching that not all such unions may not be aligned with Scripture.

AFFIRMS ALL people as made in the image of God and are worthy of love, understanding, and respect for their humanity regardless of sexual or gender preferences.

ACCEPTS ALL people as they are into our fellowship upon the confession of their faith in Jesus Christ and willingness to submit to our core doctrine as defined in The Articles of Faith.

ADMITS that ALL people are sinners and in need of salvation and transformation.

ALLOWS that anyone who sincerely confess Jesus as Savior and submit to our most basic beliefs about Him, His Word and His Church, will be aided by the Holy Spirit to work out our soul salvation.