Officiation of Wedding Ceremony Request Form

St. Luke and Pastor Allen welcome an opportunity to host and preside over wedding ceremonies of Christian couples. All wedding ceremonies, members and non-members ceremonies, must be spiritual in nature and consistent with our core beliefs.

Officiation of Loved One’s Funeral Service Request Form

Pastor Allen and St. Luke are here to assist during your time of bereavement. For us to be attentive to your needs, St. Luke members and non-members are requested to complete and submit the form. We will do our best to be attentive and supportive to you and your family during this difficult time. 

Pastor Allen’s Preaching & Speaking Engagement Request Form

Please complete and submit this form for any preaching or speaking engagements. You should receive a response within 5 – 7 business days. If not, please contact the church at 937-279-9322

St. Luke MBC New Member Connect Form

We are excited about your commitment to follow Jesus Christ and your desire to join St. Luke! A ministry for people on the GROW, we are thrilled to have you walk this journey faith, love, and service with us. Your life in Christ MATTERS! We welcome you with open arms.